Making It Happen

We focus on Design, not just Development

Design is vital when it comes to developing modern, useable apps, and we don’t just mean appealing layouts. True design starts at the beginning with the needs of the user and addressing their pain points to produce a solution that improves the user’s experience.

In the post-smartphone world, we need to think in terms of ‘relationships’ and ‘experiences’ instead of ‘features’. If the user’s needs statement is phrased in terms of feelings (such as avoiding frustration), then we are led towards more human-style relationships and experiences in the solution.

It is only once we have established the requirements of the new experience that we can involve technology in order to provide the ‘magic’ and develop the application.

We can deliver what you need in weeks, not months. 

We can pivot quickly between technologies, which provides us the flexibility to respond and deliver to meet your timescales.

Our development portfolio covers many aspects of the modern business world and we can help you with:

  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Enterprise Mobile Applications
  • Integration within the Enterprise i.e. DB2, SQL, Oracle, SAP
  • Dashboards
  • Data Visualisation and Tableau integration
  • Business Application Refresh